Havurah Volume 07 Number 02

Keeper of Israel: Reflections on Psalm 121

Imagine that early this morning you and some of your friends left the comfort of your homes to begin a long and often arduous journey. Underfoot, stones invade your sandals; you and your friends must watch for larger ones that could threaten your balance. As you walk, you glance to the right and to the…

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Trees from the Forest: The State of Evangelism in Israel

Here in Israel there are no experts” on evangelism. There are many believers who are doing the work of evangelism, but most of us are in the middle of the task and cannot see the trees from the forest. While there are no experts, there is no lack of opinions or perspectives. Our Jews for…

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Here, But There
Author: Gloria Suess

As content as I am learning to be with my life in the States, much of my heart still longs to return to Israel. In many ways, it is home to me. I first went to Israel in 1966. I traveled there by ship and stayed almost two years; I would have stayed longer if…

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Living on the Edge

There are so many adjectives one could use to describe living in a place that changes daily, if not hour-by-hour. At the risk of beginning on a negative note, let’s just say that great” or “awesome” are not always at the top of the list. When our family moved to Israel in 1994, I was…

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New Age in Israel
Author: Dan Sered

Most Israelis are required to serve in the Israeli Defense Force for at least two years. After their service in the IDF, many are weary from facing the reality of death every day, so they decide to get away for awhile. The Far East is a popular destination for these young people. They want to…

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Amitai: A Soldier’s Story and a Recurring Dream
Author: Shlomy A

There were 14 generations from our ancestor Abraham to King David; 14 generations from David to the Babylonian exile and 14 generations from the exile to the coming of our Messiah Yeshua. For Amitai, an Israeli soldier who recently became a believer in Yeshua, the number 14 is also significant, for Amitai’s family has not…

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