For many years I was a businessman whose highest priority was to provide health and happiness for my family. I worked hard so we could live on the highest level. I housed my family in increasingly fine homes, drove expensive cars and provided the best of everything for them. Our family always took costly vacations, which became more costly every year. I was careful to conduct only the best financial planning for my children’s education as well as for our retirement years and beyond.

Then I came to believe that Israel’s Messiah has come, and His name is Yeshua (Jesus). My life changed, but it didn’t seem better. Not long after I accepted the Lord, our only son suddenly took his life, our daughter Meredith left with her husband (and my only grandchildren) to serve God on the other side of the world (Papua, New Guinea) and the stock market slumped severely.

Where was the protector God” I had been told about? I had been hearing that I could trust Him for my family, but where was the protector God for ME? I felt like I could relate to the agonies of Job. But like Job, I eventually realized that I needed to trust this God I had come to believe in.

It has been a hard path, and I’ve felt something of the agonies of Job as God said to me, “Steve Feldstein, who are you to question me? Brace yourself, like a man. I am God, and you are the one in the dock” (Job 38:2,3).

Slowly, over time, I’ve come to know the Lord who “disciplines those He loves” (Hebrews 12:6). I’ve come to see that God did not clothe Himself in mortal flesh to die for my health, happiness, marriage or family. He died for my sins, of which there are many.

I guess you could say that my priorities have changed dramatically. Far greater now is my concern that my family and I would overcome and not love our earthly lives so much that we would neglect to make serving Him our highest priority. Even though we miss Meredith and her family tremendously, we know that the One who never slumbers nor sleeps protects them. It is a blessing to know that they were willing to leave us for the sake of serving the Lord.