Havurah Volume 07 Number 01

A Light to the Nations

This edition of Havurah celebrates the contributions of contemporary Jewish believers in Yeshua to the larger body of Messiah by focusing in on a few mishpochah: Meredith Feldstein DeRidder, who with her husband Aaron, ministers in a little village in Papua, New...

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In a Strange Land
Author: Peter Gittlen

To our family, our lives are pretty unspectacular. But over the years, many people—including my parents—haven’t hesitated to tell us that our lives are unusual. Years ago, my wife Laura and I sat down with my mother and father on a grassy hill outside the...

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Only One Life

Shortly after my bat mitzvah, my nice Jewish mother shocked our family by becoming a Jewish mother for Jesus! Naturally, she wanted her family to accompany her to the messianic congregation where she had begun worshipping. I resisted for a long time, but one Saturday...

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Brace Yourself
Topics: our stories

For many years I was a businessman whose highest priority was to provide health and happiness for my family. I worked hard so we could live on the highest level. I housed my family in increasingly fine homes, drove expensive cars and provided the best of everything...

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It Is Worth It
Author: Laurel Heiss

My husband, Stu, grew up with an agnostic Jewish father who denied Stu a bar mitzvah because God was for the weak, uneducated people who need a crutch.” My father was an Episcopal minister, but mysteriously, we had a mezuzzah on our doorpost. Stu and I met in...

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Blessing Gentiles

Blessing Gentiles While we affirm that the Jews are God's chosen people, it is important to note that God's plan from the beginning has always been to bless all people through the Jewish people. Torah Prophets Writings Hebrew Scripture promise or principle of blessing...

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While we did not want to devote another Havurah to The Challenge of our Messianic Movement,” we did want to print some of the responses to Part 2. Rich Robinson and Ruth Rosen have responded at the end. Note: the first two letters, by Mark Kinzer and Stuart...

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