Havurah Volume 06 Number 01

Question Authority, Part Two
Author: Moishe Rosen

In the last issue of Havurah we talked about questioning authority, particularly where the Jewish religion is concerned. We observed a shift in authority following the destruction of the Temple. That shift occurred at the council of Yavneh, where the rabbis appointed themselves as the leaders of Judaism in place of the priestly system established…

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Statistically Speaking: What’s New in Jewish Community Demographics
Author: Susan Perlman

It’s been said that, Statistics are like witnesses—they will testify for either side.” Of course, if one conducts a statistical study with a pre-conceived conclusion, that adage is appropriate. However, statistics, properly gathered and interpreted, can be very helpful. Those of us in the messianic community who are interested in understanding trends in the Jewish…

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Topics: poetry

Zayde You used to call me Shayna maidele, your pretty one As you bounced me on your knee. Oh, your grey beard scared me so! Zayde Did you know I looked In your dresser drawer and found the cherry drops. They were for me, weren’t they? Zayde I can still feel Your strong arms Gathering…

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Between Two Fathers
Topics: book reviews
Author: Jim Stamberg

Book Title: Between Two Fathers Author: Charles Barg Date Published: August 1, 2002 Publisher: Purple Pomegranate Productions Genre: 1. Religious2. Christian Living3. Religion & Spirituality ISBN: 978-1881022121 Reviewer: Jim Stamberg Father. The mere word evokes a wide range of passionate responses, from absolute idealism to bitter resentment. It takes a sharp mind and a truthful…

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