Havurah Volume 04 Number 03

Hinei Ma Tov
Author: Stephen Katz

Three congregations stand firmly on the solid rock of God’s Word. The first is the Spit And Be Healed Congregation.” Yeshua healed a blind man by spitting on his eyes, so they base their congregational life on that practice. The second is the “Touch...

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A Sidebar from September

I’m putting together this edition of Havurah in late October with the images and impact of September 11, the war in Afghanistan and bio-terrorism at home fresh on my mind. Our very own Jews for Jesus office in Toronto was the recipient of a letter with some...

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In the Face of Terrorism: How Shall We Then Live?
Author: David Rose

When I was a little boy, terrorism had a real name and a real face: Joey,* the neighborhood tough guy.” He would pick on anyone regardless of size or age, and to my six-year-old frame, Joey loomed larger than life. So it came as a real surprise to everyone—and...

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Is It Ever Inappropriate to Preach the Gospel?

The family and friends of the deceased have gathered in the small chapel; the service is about to begin. This death was an untimely one, and no one was prepared to say goodbye. There is so much pain in the hearts of each one there. A clergyman rises to the pulpit to...

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