Havurah Volume 04 Number 01

The Jewish Roots Movement: Pros and Cons
Author: Stephen Katz

As Jewish believers, we often encourage Gentile Christians to learn about the Jewish roots of their faith. But could an excessive interest in their Jewish roots be harmful to their spiritual health?

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If You Can’t Get to the Synagogue: A Home Shabbat Celebration
Topics: sabbath

Perhaps you live in Yennevelt—far, far away from a Jewish community or a messianic congregation. Maybe you’re the only Jewish believer in your town and you want to celebrate Shabbat. You long for a meaningful Shabbat experience, a transition for you and your...

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Are We Getting It Right?

Ben W.: I’ve heard that for most guys who are bar mitzvah these days, after their bar mitzvah they forget about everything—Hebrew, shul and God. I’ve been a believer in the Messiah Jesus for as long as I can remember, since I was about four years old....

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