Havurah Volume 03 Number 03

Generations and Generations and Generations
Author: Josh Sofaer

It’s 3:00 a.m. I’m sitting in a Jewish deli in New York City, eating blintzes with three high school-aged, second-generation Jewish believers. They are all on Halutzim, a teen mission trip I lead each summer, and we are in one of the most compelling...

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Be a Mensch: Mentor a Younger Person!
Topics: discipleship

An anonymous sage once said, When you find a turtle on a fence post, the one thing you know for certain is that he didn’t get there by himself.” Anyone who has benefited from the mentoring process can tell you that someone went out of their way to invest...

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Double Angst: Keeping Your College Student in Touch With God

Often, believing parents experience the double angst of sending their child off to college AND releasing them in hopes that they will continue to walk in their faith. For many, there exists the concern that one’s young adult child, when plucked out of his family...

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How Shall We Then Write?

One of my favorite college assignments came in a Children’s Literature class at San Francisco State University, when my professor asked us to read 100 assorted story and picture books. I spent several delightful Saturday afternoons in the public library,...

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