Years ago, I often passed a sign on the highway that read, Jesus Saves.” I wondered who Jesus was and what, or whom, He had come to save. Little did I realize that He had come for me, and that one day He would become the focus of my life and my very reason for being. In fact, Yeshua saved not only me, but my entire family as well.

When my oldest daughter Lana “found” Jesus in 1968, I was totally distraught and bewildered. I gave her such a difficult time! But because Lana’s father (my husband) had recently died, I knew it was important to support her and her new-found faith. Many people prayed for our family at that time, and soon my other daughters, Shelley and Terry, also accepted Yeshua. I followed in the faith in 1971, as did my sweet mother. Shortly after, my nephew Elliot fell in love with the Scriptures and became a believer as well.

I was blessed to find a job as the administrative assistant to a missionary named Herb Links, who was the director of the Messianic Jewish Center (a ministry of The Christian Approach to the Jews). We had a storefront outreach in Philadelphia on Chestnut Street in the heart of a bustling downtown area. I enjoyed working alongside Herb for 13 years and often went with him to minister in music at churches where he spoke. Occasionally I went out and ministered on my own as well, playing the piano and singing messianic music.

Today our family is scattered all over the United States—even in Hawaii! There are now seven believing grandchildren as well. My youngest grandson, Benjamin, is about to enter his first year of Bible college this September. We as a family have discovered that the phone can provide a wonderful way to pray together, no matter where we are. It is a comfort and an encouragement to know that we all turn to the same God, that He is the basis of security and togetherness for our family.

Years ago people prayed for our family to find the Lord, and their prayers were answered. I can only encourage you to keep praying for the salvation of your family as well.