When I was a child, I once saw a television program in which Gumby got himself into a bit of trouble, and a friend named Jesus came along to help him. I remember wishing that I had a friend like Jesus, but I had been taught that He was not for us Jews.

Many years later, when I was in college, I met a wonderful man named Richard and his sister Carole. Richard and I began dating and I had many delicious dinners at their house, eating Mom’s favorite home-cooked meal”—Chinese takeout! Richard and I were married six years later. Soon after that, Carole accepted the Lord.

One night we were talking about Mom’s plans for Carole’s future wedding (although Carole herself wasn’t planning on getting married), and Carole said, “Well, Mom can pick everything she wants someday, the flowers, the place, the colors—but other things won’t be the way she wants.” I knew that Carole was talking about her faith in Jesus. She turned to me and asked, “Would you like to come to a Bible study with me next week, to hear more about what I believe?”

I went with her to hear Rachmiel Frydland the following Friday night, but mainly with the hope that I could “save” Carole from this “cult” she had joined and keep peace in the family. But God had a different plan. He used Mr. Frydland’s words to provoke me to consider Jesus for myself, and I came to accept Him into my life a few weeks later.

Ten years later, Carole is my mainstay and source of strength as I trust God for Richard’s and Mom’s salvation. Mom’s health has declined over the years and sometimes she asks for prayer. But Richard remains adamant in refusing to hear about Yeshua. It is so difficult sometimes having someone so close to me be so far from the Truth. Yet, I know that I can call Carole at any moment and ask for prayer for our family. She is always there for me. She has become my sister-in-grace, a special friend.

It is vital to seek encouragement from other believing family members and good friends. We need to strengthen one another to keep witnessing and believing God for our families’ salvation. It is our responsibility to keep planting seeds; God will give the increase in His time.