Havurah Volume 02 Number 03

Never Give Up
Author: Stephen Katz

I looked out into the congregation and there he was—the man who could have been my father’s double! I tried not to stare at him as I finished my presentation but the resemblance was startling. Strangely, that same week, I saw two more look-alikes” for my unbelieving dad as I continued my speaking tour in…

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With Family, Gently Knock

As Jewish believers, many of us resonate with the words of Yeshua found in Mark 6:4, A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.” Those who grew up with Yeshua could not accept His wisdom because they only saw Him as “that carpenter,”…

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Who Is This Jesus Anyway?
Topics: our stories
Author: Rita Korotkin

Years ago, I often passed a sign on the highway that read, Jesus Saves.” I wondered who Jesus was and what, or whom, He had come to save. Little did I realize that He had come for me, and that one day He would become the focus of my life and my very reason for…

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Something Keeps Me Wanting to Hear

I asked David*, an unsaved Jewish man we’ve befriended through our Skokie office, to meet with me. David’s sister Susan* is a believer. I told him that this issue of Havurah was about encouraging Jewish believers to keep sharing their faith with their families and that I wanted to ask him how Susan’s beliefs had…

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When a Sister-in-law is a Sister in the Lord
Author: Renee Abend

When I was a child, I once saw a television program in which Gumby got himself into a bit of trouble, and a friend named Jesus came along to help him. I remember wishing that I had a friend like Jesus, but I had been taught that He was not for us Jews. Many years…

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