Havurah Volume 01 Number 04

Dialogue Across the Seas
Author: Stephen Katz

My previous article, The Desert Hasn’t Blossomed Yet sparked several interesting responses. We enjoy the letters of appreciation but it’s also good to know when people take exception to what we say. After all, Havurah is for our family in Messiah—and what Jewish family doesn’t argue and dispute now and then? We thought you might […]

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Yeshua: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Author: Moshe Shuai

Life was a mystery to me when I was growing up. As a child we observed the Jewish traditions and holidays at home. In Israel people are either Orthodox, traditional, or secular. To be traditional means to observe the holidays and traditions, but it doesn’t mean to acknowledge God. Our family kept the traditions but […]

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Israelis in Cochabamba?

Cochabamba is not a Latin American dance or a Mexican pastry. It’s a small town in Bolivia, situated 8,500 feet above sea level, home of New Tribes Mission workers Bob and Joyce Wilhelmson (right with Israeli guest). Surprisingly, it’s a haven for backpacking Israelis. The Wilhelmsons’ home has become a witnessing hub to hundreds of […]

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Unless the Lord Had Been Our Help…

It’s June of ’92, and our Jews for Jesus team of 20 board the British Airways plane from London to Israel. Our faces show a mixture of excitement and apprehension. We are about to spend two months on a moshav (a farm/hotel) outside of Jerusalem. From this base we will do evangelism and take courses […]

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Celebrating Hanukkah: in Israel, Cochabamba, or Wherever!

When I was a child, Hanukkah was one of my favorite holidays. I knew the blessings for the candles and enjoyed the tasty latkes my mother prepared. When I first became a believer in Yeshua, I was tempted to dismiss Hanukkah as something minor and just for children. Yet in John 10, we see that […]

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