Ingathering: A Child’s Perspective

When I first get to the Ingathering, I’m a little anxious, but mainly happy and excited to see my friends, the ones I know all year ’round and the ones I see only at Ingathering. All those special, crazy ‘characters’ are there too—Alien, Scripture Man, Scripture Princess and Walnut Man. One year we even had a Leper appear in our classroom (I think it was Jhan Moskowitz in disguise but I’m not sure). For me, going to the Ingathering is like going to camp. We do a lot of silly things, but also some serious ones like memorizing Scripture and hearing lessons from the Bible. I especially liked it the year we dipped our feet in paint and made footprints on a piece of wood, showing that we would always follow Yeshua. I like Ingathering so much that maybe I’d even save some of my allowance so that I could go!”

Tali B., 103/4 years old, veteran of seven Ingatherings

With Scripture Man, Walnut Man and Scripture Princess greeting them at the door, children might think they stumbled into some sort of messianic Disneyland! But the spiritual core of the Jews for Jesus Ingathering Children’s Program is anything but a fairy tale. Here, God’s Word is taught in a fun, uplifting atmosphere where Yeshua is exalted and children are encouraged to follow Him. Teenagers too, are engaged in their own program for the weekend. In three and a half short days a community atmosphere is developed which encourages children to live for the Lord and strengthen their identity as messianic Jews. So send your children to the Ingathering and follow them there yourselves!


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