Havurah Volume 01 Number 03

What Do We Do With Yizkor?
Author: Stephen Katz

What childhood images do the High Holidays stir in your memory? I remember my impatience over the seemingly endless synagogue services balanced with the excitement of knowing something special was happening. Then there was the unusual sight of Jews in uniform, piling...

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Ray Stolz: On Printmaking and Praise

The Messianic art movement is alive and well and growing in South Africa! Ray Stolz, elder at Beit Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Johannesburg, is a printmaker who weds traditional South African images with biblical narrative to bring praise to the Jewish Messiah...

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Reaching the Unreachable God: The Story of Dr. Les Berman
Topics: our stories
Author: Les Berman

I was born in Pretoria and our family moved to Johannesburg when I was four years old. Both my parents are Jewish, and from my earliest years I had a sense of pride regarding my Jewish heritage. I can remember a keen fascination with the figures that emerged from the...

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From the Editor

It was a very bright, warm Soweto day, perfect for a wedding. A local pastor, friend of the Jews for Jesus ministry, had remarried after his wife’s death. Our party of three—Lev and Jenifer Leigh (Jews for Jesus South Africa branch missionaries) and I—drove...

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A Congregation Grows in Johannesburg
Author: Eliyah Gould

The Friday after Jews for Jesus missionaries, Laura and Andrew Barron, stepped off the plane onto South African soil in November 1989, they immediately initiated a weekly fellowship meeting. To their delight, it was quickly attended by 30 people and the numbers grew...

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Ingathering: A Child’s Perspective

When I first get to the Ingathering, I’m a little anxious, but mainly happy and excited to see my friends, the ones I know all year ’round and the ones I see only at Ingathering. All those special, crazy ‘characters’ are there too—Alien,...

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Fast Foods

Fast Foods "Kosknop" A popular Jewish cookbook features sample dinner menus that would knock your socks off and stuff you up to your eyebrows. One suggested meal consists of homemade knishes, stuffed breast of veal, sweet and sour cabbage, kasha varnishkes and...

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