Project Joshua was an incredible trip for me and the 14 other college students who were part of it. What a God-given opportunity! The Lord did so many things in each of our lives before we even boarded the plane. One lost his wallet and passport the day before, only to have it returned. Another had a passport provided in less than a week before departure. God knew what we needed.

We toured Israel for 12 days and handed out gospel literature in Haifa and Tel Aviv three times. Efraim Goldstein, who in addition to his missionary work with Jews for Jesus teaches historical geography at King of Kings College in Tel Aviv, acted as our tour guide. He stopped at many points along the road to show us where we were and to remind us of Bible passages that spoke of the area.

Naomi Low, team member

There are many things that come to my mind as I reflect upon Israel—the crowded streets, the many cell phones, the people who called us crazy and cursed at our presence in Jerusalem. But what impacted me the most were the people I met and with whom I spent time.

Efraim, Stephen Katz (leader of Project Joshua) and Moishe Rosen guided us with words of instruction and advice. The trip fulfilled my longing for Jewish fellowship. It also helped me to be more bold about my faith. No matter where I am or who I am with, I can worship my Lord and Messiah. Yet, it felt especially good to recognize my identity as a Jew who is for Jesus, for that is who I am. It was wonderful to be in our people’s homeland.

I praise the Lord for how He has shown His grace in Messiah and for allowing me to be a part of this trip. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! I have one last question to any Jewish skeptics in Yeshua: Jews for Jesus, yesh davar kazeh?”*

Pray for Israel!

The Bible tells us to pray at all times, for all peoples. We asked some Israeli believers how they need us to pray for them:

  • Pray that there would be unity among the believers in the Land.
  • Pray for the children of believing families. Many of the children turn away from the Lord because of the unique pressures of living in a society that doesn’t know Yeshua.
  • Pray that there might be successful youth ministry in all parts of Israel so that the children might have the fellowship they need.
  • Pray that the young men and women doing their mandatory military service might remain strong in the Lord in the face of enormous pressure against the faith.
  • Pray for boldness on the part of the believers to continue doing public evangelism in spite of the consequences.
  • Pray that the laws and proposals intended to stifle and make illegal aspects of public witness be stopped.
  • Pray about the tension between the secular and religious Israelis, that they might find peace and resolution.
  • Pray for the believers, especially among the Russian immigrants, who live under economic hardship.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

*This is the slogan that was on the Project Joshua sweatshirts. The Hebrew means, “Is there such a thing?”