Henry Morse takes the Word of God very seriously. Yet while the Great Benafuchi thinks of himself as an evangelist, through his circus ministry he acts and looks like a clown. Henry believes that the use of humor is important in getting across the Good News: “When people are laughing, at least we know they’re listening.”

The Great Benafuchi promotes himself as one who uses “juggling, unicycling, acrobatics, rope walking, magic, music, comedy, false advertisement and more.” His humor is not lost on the audience, nor is it pointless. It’s not humor merely for the sake of a good laugh; it is humor for the sake of a goal: “to increase the work of the kingdom till He (Yeshua) comes, and take back spiritual strongholds through the knowledge of the Word.”

The energetic Henry came to know Yeshua as his Messiah the year he turned 18. He grew up in a “pseudo-orthodox home.” He and his brother were more religious than their parents. Henry even thought seriously about pursuing a career as a cantor. However, his parents’ lack of observance of a Jewish lifestyle caused him to fall away from Judaism. Perhaps though, a more subtle reason is that he felt a need for more than just a religion. Today he can tell you that it isn’t the religion, it’s the relationship he has with the Living Creator that he values most.

When Henry was nine years old he told his mother that he wanted to be an acrobat like the ones he saw on the Ed Sullivan show. He worked very hard at gymnastics and finished high school with the state gymnastics title in both his junior and senior years. Henry admits that he “was slightly obsessed” with gymnastics, working out five hours a day, six days a week.

Henry’s single-mindedness is one of his most valuable assets in his work, personality and ministry. He is foremost an evangelist. He has defined his entire sense of self as someone whose goal and task in life is to be a catalyst for real and creative communication of God’s word. While he excels in the circus arts, this is not the excellence that is most important to him. Henry is seeking to be God’s man in a world that finds faith superfluous.

Henry’s talent is a means to that end. We are part of a culture that views boredom as a most serious malady. Henry has taken this as a challenge and has created a context for the gospel message, which is never boring. He has learned to communicate God’s love for a sinful world through juggling, unicyling, acrobatics, rope walking, magic, music and comedy.

He wants his brothers and sisters in Messiah to get back to the basics, to preach the Word to a lost and dying world and to win the lost. When we do that we are fulfilling our destiny as the “Chosen People” of God.

Do you want to see a Winking Bedouin Production of “The Great Benafuchi & The Full Contact Comedy Show”? Perhaps you would like to write Henry to find out how you can obtain information about his next project, the production of two Christian comedy tapes.

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