It could be that when Jews for Jesus ceases to exist,it might be said that our Camp Gilgal ministry was our greatest achievement.”

Moishe Rosen, August 25, 1995

Camp Gilgal began in 1991 in both California and Pennsylvania. This summer we will be premiering a third camp in Wisconsin. Over 200 Jewish children have attended these camps from all over the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico and Israel.

Camp Gilgal provides children with opportunities and experiences to learn for themselves what it means to be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Although most of the children who attend Camp Gilgal have been raised to follow Yeshua, many have had little contact with other children of Jewish believers.

At camp the children come to relate to each other as family. I remember an experience from our first camp in 1991. A camper lost his wallet, which contained a $20.00 bill. He was very upset and the other 15 campers rallied together to encourage him. During a Shabbat service it was announced to the campers that a hat would be passed around for anyone who would like to contribute something to make up for his loss. When the money was counted, it was exactly $20.00!

The greatest joy in being part of Camp Gilgal is seeing God work in the hearts and lives of the children. Parents tell us how Camp Gilgal has literally changed their child’s life, especially when it’s a camper who made a commitment to follow Yeshua right there at camp.

Last summer a camper approached me on the last night of camp with tears streaming down her face and said, “Moose, I want to know I’m going to heaven.” She wanted to be sure of where she would spend eternity. What a joy it was to be able to assure her that because of her faith in Yeshua, she was now a child of the King!

Each year camp is centered around a biblical theme that utilizes a major object lesson or camp activity. Perhaps the most vivid lesson was the year we erected a memorial of twelve stones. It was quite an effort because the stones that were used could not be moved by one person. The largest was located in a ravine. A rope was tied around the stone and it took 30 campers to pull it out and move it into place. This memorial was erected in 1995 and remains at camp to this day. These children will never read Joshua 4 in quite the same way again!

Six campers have already grown up and come back to serve as part of our Camp Gilgal staff. As we at Jews for Jesus approach our second generation of making the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide, we’re recognizing more than ever the need to raise up the “next generation” in Messiah. Your prayer and financial support of Camp Gilgal is needed. Send your children to Camp Gilgal!!

For more information, contact Dave “Moose” Garrett at the Jews for Jesus Headquarters address. He may be emailed on this page.