Havurah Volume 01 Number 01

An Old Command
Author: Stephen Katz

Havurah. It’s a good title for a messianic publication, don’t you think? After all, the word means company, band or group.” In fact, in Hebrew, the root of the word is used to make other words like “join together, friend, member, society, partner and gang.” We who are Jewish and believe in Yeshua belong to…

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Arthur Barlis: A Jewish Doctor Who Met the Great Physician
Author: Arthur Barlis

I was born in 1939 in Providence, Rhode Island. Our neighborhood was almost entirely Jewish, and our home somewhat traditional. As I grew, my goal was to be a doctor and help people. Although I was fearful of God, I also believed He was helping me accomplish my goals. In the mid-1960’s I entered the…

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Hands Put to Use for Creator’s Glory

What’s crimson, gold, cadmium yellow and appliqued all over? A Michael and Virginia Crosby banner. These two Ohio-based craftspeople paint” with fabrics of all colors, using corduroy, satin, silk and wool, even fabric that’s leftover from a bed pillow or pair of pants that Virginia’s sewn up on her sewing machine. Photographs do not reveal…

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Our Mothers Told Us

Our mothers were right. No matter how we tried to fool them when we were little (trying to raise a temperature by placing a thermometer next to the radiator, drawing on chicken pox with ballpoint pens, developing sudden” stomach aches on the day of an exam), our mothers were always there at the door to…

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Three Teens Who’ve Trusted Yeshua
Topics: our stories

Micha Cohen, 17, St. Louis The hardest thing I’ve faced in the past few years was having to move from Ft. Lauderdale to St. Louis right before my junior year. I was so angry with God and my parents for making me do this, but eventually I had no choice but to accept the move….

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