The two main positions for the witnessing Campaign are campaigner and steward (we also need an experienced chef!). Campaigners do the actual work of evangelism. Stewards tend to cooking, laundry and keeping literature bags filled as well as giving prayer support. Stewards enable campaigners to focus all their energy and attention on evangelism.

We’ve asked two people who have experienced both sides of the coin to tell you a little about their experiences.

To me, being a campaigner means going out and facing all your fears. You are basically out on the front line. You do the things that you thought only courageous people would do, and in the process you lose your fear. Being a steward is an experience in radical self-denial. In a way, you make yourself nothing so that other people can become something. And because the team of stewards is smaller than the team of campaigners, community interdependence is vital. I’m glad that the Lord gave me an opportunity to serve Him both ways. I learned what it means to die to myself and to serve. I made some really good friends. I wish some of them lived a little closer to San Francisco—but we keep in touch.”

“When David Brickner asked me to consider being a campaigner, I said ‘No way!’ The idea of street witnessing terrified me. Besides, the description of steward fit with what I felt God wanted me to do that summer. My goal was to serve others—and I did! It was difficult, and sometimes a real struggle.

“For me, one of the most wonderful parts of Campaign was being around so many other Jewish believers. I remember being a little bit jealous hearing all the campaigners’ great stories. I wanted to do what they were doing. The following year I did—and it was great! I sure did appreciate those stewards; I knew what it took to be one, and what they do is so important. Likewise, Eric knew what it was like to be a campaigner and he would leave encouraging little notes in our tract bags.”

Through Campaign, Eric and Michelle experienced the power of God in their lives, and they also saw His power touching others. Their experiences on Campaign enabled them to say, “I am not ashamed of the gospel,” and mean it with every fiber of their beings.Naomi

Some are angry about our message, but others are interested in hearing more about Jesus and give campaigners their names, addresses and phone numbers.

For campaign details, more photos, and a form to fill out to request an application for the next Jews for Jesus New York City Witnessing Campaign, go to our Summer Campaign Page.