Mishpochah Message Spring 1996

The Messianic Bar Mitzvah
Author: Stephen Katz

Well I had a bar mitzvah when I was thirteen, The greatest bar mitzvah that you’ve ever seen. The temple on the corner of Mayfield and Lee was filled with my friends and my family, all of them proud as proud could be, with catering far as the eye could see— complete with a chopped…

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A Bit About Stephen Katz

Stephen Katz was born in Highland Park, Illinois, and raised in a traditional Jewish home in Skokie. He received a Jewish education in a Conservative synagogue where he became bar mitzvah and confirmed. He has been a believer in Yeshua since May of 1975. Prior to coming on our staff, Stephen was the Program Director…

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Speak Out

Dear editor, While I concur with the basic thrust of the recent Mishpochah Message, It’s No Fun Being Shunned,” I was nevertheless concerned with a significant point. I offer two quotes. First, “If a Jewish believer identifies him or herself as a Jew, it is not up to anyone else to say that he or…

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It’s No Fun Being Shunned

Jewish Leaders Unite To Declare ‘Hebrew Christianity’ Not Jewish,” the headline declared. The Jewish Community Relations Council’s press release announced a statement by Dr. Lawrence Schiffman and apparently endorsed by the four major Jewish denominations. According to the September 1995 press release, the statement was issued, in response to increasing effort by Hebrew Christians (a.k.a….

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Two Sides of the Campaign Coin

The two main positions for the witnessing Campaign are campaigner and steward (we also need an experienced chef!). Campaigners do the actual work of evangelism. Stewards tend to cooking, laundry and keeping literature bags filled as well as giving prayer support. Stewards enable campaigners to focus all their energy and attention on evangelism. We’ve asked…

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Blessed Are You…

God never asked us to go looking for rejection, but He does expect us to confess our faith openly. If you find it difficult to do this, you are not alone! Maybe you don’t know where to start. Not everyone can go on a Summer Witnessing Campaign, but there are things we all can do…

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