We have been praying for 17 years that my husband’s family would accept the Lord. In the face of apparent spiritual obduracy, it often felt like we were praying for a fairy tale to come true. Yet it was not a fairy tale, but a very real hope that was occasionally bruised by rebuffs, scoffing and prejudice.

I decided that it would take a real miracle or at least something very dramatic to change their hearts. So you can imagine my surprise when, without a miracle or a drama, a spiritual breakthrough took place this summer!

In the course of casual conversation, for the first time, my in-laws indicated a personal interest in the gospel. After years of opposing our faith, they actually said, There is hope in what you believe, and it would be nice if it were true.” They agreed to read a book we recommended. This is a first step that I never imagined could “just happen.” However, I’m realizing that when God moves a stone, it can look like it “just happened” without any pomp and circumstance when really it is an amazing feat.

Along the same lines, many Jewish believers (some new and some not-so-new) in our congregation were surprised that their parents accepted invitations to our High Holiday services. These parents ranged from Holocaust survivors to New Agers.

So be encouraged and keep praying for your parents. All things are possible with Jesus!


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