Mishpochah Message 1992

Messiah Now!

No one on this earth has seen anything like the great and awesome day that is about to come. The world, as we know it, will come to a screeching halt. In an instant, all that matters to our daily lives will matter no more. In my imagination it begins as a distant sound that…

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Don’t Give Up on Your Local Church!

I’ve been asking some of you what issues you want addressed in the Mishpochah Message. One Jewish believer answered, I need some encouragement out here in the trenches. I go to a church, not a messianic synagogue. I enjoy the fellowship, but sometimes I feel out of place and even a little guilty about being…

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What About Jews for Jesus and Messianic Congregations?

When the Mishpochah Message gets controversial we have readers who care enough to let us know they disagree. We also have readers who gently remind us when we could use a little more tact or sensitivity. That is what makes us mishpochah—we keep each other on our toes! Jewish believers in Jesus don’t agree on…

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Response to Our Identity–In Crisis or In Christ?

In the last Mishpochah Message we offered a particular perspective on the 1989 Israeli Supreme Court decision and how it affects Jewish believers who want to make aliyah. We viewed this issue within the larger context of our identity as those called to be a story to our people and to the world. The response…

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Our Identity–In Crisis or In Christ?

An article entitled, Israel cracking down on ‘Jews for Jesus’ ” appeared in the February 4 edition of the Chicago Tribune—section 1, page 2, no less. In the article, the sympathetic reporter (Tom Hundley) raises the question: Why should Jews be deported from Israel because they believe in Jesus? He notes, “Israel was created to…

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Symbols and Substance

In this twentieth century, a religious movement known as the Cargo Cults threatened to destroy a number of tribal peoples. These Cargo Cults were particularly destructive in Melanesia. They sprouted up when local people observed that colonial officials and missionaries received supplies dropped as cargo from the skies or brought in on the oceans. Natives…

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Preparing a Proper Answer
Author: Ruth Rosen

In response to our Summer ’92 invitation to send in difficult-to-answer objections to the faith, one brother wrote, Editor: Please refer to the enclosed letter from our former rabbi. He is responding to a short note I wrote on the bottom of our Passover card this year, challenging him to reread Isaiah 53 with an…

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When Opposition Knocks
Author: Rich Robinson

We need to think about opposition to the gospel. Though there is diversity within the messianic movement, we are united and can express our unity. We need to do things together. Facing our opposition can be a very positive thing if we are willing to look, learn and be led together by our Messiah. Efforts…

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Yeladim for Yeshua
Author: Ruth Rosen

Has God ever surprised you? If He hasn’t yet, just wait. God is full of awesome surprises. One is, even though you are still a kid, you can make a very big and very important difference in someone’s life. You might not find out about it until much later. For instance… There was once a…

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Say-So Unity or Real Togetherness

I knew someone in Bible college who was so overbearing in her friendliness that I felt uncomfortable because I could not return her attentions. If you have known people like that, maybe your reaction was similar to mine: keep a bit of a distance, keep conversations short, guard your involvement and keep out of situations…

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Shepherds and Sheep–Leading and Following for Jewish Believers

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, a fellowship of Jewish believers in Jesus had a vibrant and vital story for Yeshua. That fellowship was characterized by the strong leadership of one man and the supportive elders with whom he had surrounded himself. In fact, this man’s influence extended beyond the small flock…

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Family Business
Author: Ruth Rosen

Silverstein had been a baker all his life, as had his father and grandfather before him. But when his son was about to enter the business world, unlike his mishpochah he had no desire to continue in the family business. Despite his father’s entreaties the youth insisted on becoming a tailor, so he went to…

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Wonder of Wonders! Miracle of Miracles!

The door burst open and in rushed the shammes, his eyes alight with holy fervor. Rabbi!” he shouted, upon entering the tzaddik’s study. “A cripple just approached the bimah, laid his hand on the Torah and threw his crutches away! I witnessed the whole thing!” The rabbi, a Hassid known throughout Lithuania as a wonder…

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How Goes the Battle?

You have seen their pictures in the newspaper or on television. Still wearing army fatigues, they are encamped in the jungles” of Northern California or Oregon, or wandering, homeless, on the streets of New York or Los Angeles. They speak in apocalyptic terms of firefights with the enemy, battles fought against unseen foes. For them…

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From Generation to Generation

The dining room table was laden with platters of roast chicken, green beans and potatoes. Our guests, a young Jewish couple, were not believers in Yeshua. There was a lull in the conversation, an almost awkward pause at the point where my family is accustomed to praying. I tried to think how I could lead…

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