Mishpochah Message 1990

Prayergate–Exposing the Cover-Up
Author: Mitch Glaser

I quickly scanned the waiting area at the gate to see who else might be boarding the plane and noticed an Orthodox man across the room. This would have been a common sight in New York City, yet in San Francisco it was unusual, even exotic. How strange—it just might be...

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Who Needs God?
Author: Ruth Rosen

Who Needs God? by Harold Kushner. Summit Books, New York City ?1989, pp. 208. Who needs God? A cursory glance through Harold Kushner’s newest bestseller might give the impression that the sensitive and compassionate author of When Bad Things Happen to Good...

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An Age-Old Challenge

Growing old is no joy, but Pearl Weinberg hadn’t realized how awful it could be until the death of her beloved Jacob. Two years had passed, but she often forgot Jacob was gone and set the table for two or bought herring (which she had never liked!) because it...

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Grandma Rose’s Right to Hear
Author: Rittie Katz

It was summer, hot and gritty. I was in New York City volunteering for a Jews for Jesus street witnessing campaign with a group from a Bible Church; we were planning to begin a program of Jewish ministry in the Washington, D.C. area. We were prepared to endure a trial...

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