My Uncle Herb asked if I would meet with a rabbi and explain my faith in Jesus to him. He says that the rabbi will treat me with respect. Uncle Herb is very insistent and it doesn’t seem like such an unreasonable request. Still, I don’t see what could be accomplished by it. What should I do?

You are right to wonder what can be accomplished by agreeing to your Uncle Herb’s request. You can’t win with this rabbi. He doesn’t want to know why you believe what you believe. He could know why without meeting you. He probably wants to test you, find your weakness and then start driving a wedge between you and Yeshua. It’ll begin with a show of respect, but remember he’s the teacher; he’s the authority by virtue of his profession. He can’t respect your understanding of Scripture because he believes that it must be rabbinically interpreted in order to be true.

Your Uncle Herb is impressed with this rabbi? Good. Let your Uncle Herb spend time with him. Likewise, don’t ask your relatives to see a special minister unless they indicate a desire to meet with one. People can offer opportunities but should not pressure one another on these matters.