Relating to a Non-Believing Spouse

I became a believer in Yeshua about a year ago. My husband does not want me to take our kids to church and he gets very angry even when I go alone. Once in awhile I can get to a home Bible study without causing a major blowout. I care about my marriage, and I understand how he feels, since I used to be just as convinced as he is that you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus. But I also worry about my children knowing the Lord—plus, I need more fellowship for my own spiritual well-being. Can you help?

First of all, you must remember those children are not only your children but they’re your husband’s children, too. Yet you do have the right to insist that they receive some religious training. Maybe you should insist he enroll them in the synagogue school, that he take them there, etc. It couldn’t hurt and it might help. Contrary to what the rabbis say, Jewish education often leads Jews to want Yeshua. Sometimes a person must experience law before they can understand or appreciate grace.

Tell your husband that if he’s going to practice the Jewish religion, he should do it right so as not to exemplify hypocrisy to the children. Start pressing him to meet the requirements of God’s law.

I know one instance where a Gentile woman had converted to Judaism for the sake of her Jewish husband, and later found Christ. Her husband was dead set against it. Her response was to become more Jewish than he was. He got kosher food, was told he shouldn’t work on the Sabbath, and she wouldn’t work on the Sabbath either. She refused to do all the things which are forbidden to an Orthodox Jew. He started rethinking his position, and looking for a godly way out of it! By the time she was ready to tell him about the New Covenant and the meaning of grace, he was absolutely delighted.

With regard to your own need for fellowship, don’t forget the telephone. Go to Bible studies when possible but if it isn’t possible, remember: you can talk to people on the telephone, you can pray with people on the telephone, you can even study the Bible with people on the telephone. My wife did exactly that before I became a believer! Ask God to bring you a person who needs a prayer partner so that you can pray for one another. I’m confident that if you will pray and pray and pray, there’ll come a time when you, your husband and your children will be worshiping Yeshua together.


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