I received my Bar-Mitzvah in an Orthodox synagogue in New York City. At age 27, 1 fell deeply in love. I married an ex-Catholic, on condition that she never ask me to convert. But two years after our marriage, she stunned me by announcing boldly, I am in love with Jesus Christ.” I was speechless with rage. I had stopped attending synagogue, but I hated Christianity. It was, to me, the most pathetic of religions. I hated the name of Jesus Christ. How could she dare speak so reverently about a dead man, in whose name millions of Jews had suffered? I concluded that my wife, extremely intelligent and practical, must be having an affair. She had been attending a storefront evangelical church. I wanted to see for myself who her lover was. Then I would seek a divorce.

For three agonizing weeks I went to services, listened to passionate sermons, and heard innumerable “testimonies.” But I could not find him, my wife’s lover. I was in despair. One evening I sat in my car, staring at the orange sunset on the October horizon, waiting for the light to change. I asked myself, “Is it possible…that…there…is a God?” This came from the bottom of my heart, but I could barely articulate the words. The very next evening I asked my question again, while waiting for the light to change. Then an extraordinary thing happened. I heard a voice speak clearly and firmly from inside the car, as if from the empty passenger seat. The voice said: I HAVE NOT COME TO SEPARATE YOU AND YOUR WIFE, BUT TO BRING YOU CLOSER TOGETHER.”

I was overwhelmed. “So it’s true what they say…there is a God out there. But there is also this one who just spoke to me, his Son. He understands me! And he cares just as much about me as she does about him!” Before the light turned green I was converted to Christ.