It was my birthday, Wednesday, October 18,1979, and I had the day off. My children were at school so I decided to relax and watch television.

I flipped the T.V. to the Phil Donahue show and saw what I thought was a very handsome man. It was Billy Graham. But of course as a Jew who had no contacts with anyone other than my Jewish friends (I was a member of the Conservative synagogue), I had no idea who Billy Graham was. Because of his striking good looks I did not change the channel. He spoke that day for about five minutes on Adam, Eve and original sin.

I got up and called my rabbi and asked him if he knew of any Jewish people who believed in Jesus. He told me yes, he knew some, but they had left the synagogue and that if I professed belief in Jesus Christ I would no longer be a Jew.

Later that day, a handyman came to my house and I asked him some questions. He knew a Jewish couple in his church and he gave me their names and phone number. As if that wasn’t enough for one day, I had an assignment to finish for a writing course I was taking and I was supposed to interview someone. It just so happened” that I interviewed a Jewish woman and she was a believer, too! I really questioned her. I thought to myself, “She must be emotionally unstable because she felt she was still Jewish even though she went to church.” I was not at all looking for Jesus Christ but that day God took the scales off my eyes.

I have walked hand in hand with Jesus now for almost ten years and he is conforming me into his image. I thank God for the day that started with the Donahue show—what a birthday!