I was raised in a secular Jewish family in Los Angeles. My only contact with my Jewish faith was a couple of Passovers at a synagogue and my Boy Scout troop, which met at a synagogue and occasionally participated in the services. While I was attending U.C.L.A. in 1974, I became interested in a local television program called Amazing Prophecy. Most of the programs were about end times” and the tribulation. I discovered from the program that there was a center in Orange, California where I could learn more about prophecy. I went.

I read and gradually began to understand the Bible; eventually I came to believe in Jesus and was baptized. However, I did not know any Christians and did not attend church. This was an awful mistake because l put aside my faith in God.

After I moved to Oregon in 1979, my faith in God was renewed. Since then I married and we have been attending the same church for over eight years.

Note: Bruce Gordon has been involved with advertising the message of Yeshua on bus benches in Oregon and his church has been receiving phone calls every month in response to this campaign. They are also placing ads in a commuter newspaper placed on light rail trains in Oregon. Bruce asks for prayer concerning these ventures.