Letter to the Editor of Christianity Today

Read David Brickner’s letter to the editor in response to Christianity Today’s September 2007 article on “What It Means to Love Israel”.

Christianity Today, November 2007

Readers Write

I commend your effort at a balanced approach to this controversial subject, and your call to evangelicals for more “rigorous theological work on [their] relationship to Judaism, to the Jewish people, and to the state of Israel.” Caricatures of dispensationalist and Reformed positions do not help bring greater understanding. When it comes to God’s love for the Jewish people and his promise of a future hope, there is a lot more in common than advocates of either pole may be willing to grant.

However, a glaring omission in your editorial is the matter of evangelical responsibility to a loving and uncompromising proclamation of the gospel to the Jewish people. We desperately need some rigorous theological work on this issue, as well. A growing number of evangelicals seem willing to avoid this biblical command in the interest of better relations with Jewish leaders here and in Israel. We Jewish believers in Jesus are often left out in the cold in this process. Evangelicals must affirm the ongoing obligation to share the love of Jesus with all peoples, including the Jews.

David Brickner
Executive Director, Jews for Jesus
San Francisco, California