The Jews for Jesus Arizona branch organized an evangelistic outreach along with several volunteers from a local church and a Messianic congregation. Led by Bruce Rapp they spent the day of the Superbowl handing out broadsides and blessing the attendess of Superbowl XLII with prayer and encouragement. Bruce says, “We took our “1-800-Messiah banner” and held it as the cars piled into the parking lots. There were many Jewish people who saw us and in the midst of much verbal abuse there were seven people who asked for prayer and safety because of the drinking that was going on.

One Jewish man came to me and said he was a “real” Jew and knew Jesus. We are hoping and praying that many of the tracts we handed out will be read by those who stuffed them in their pockets and perhaps some would call the 1-800-Messiah phone line.”

Please pray that those who received the good news of Jesus the Messiah would continue to seek out God’s grace and mercy.