A February 21st article by Rachel Avraham, titled “Jews for Jesus Missionaries Support Pro-terror Palestinian Organization,” has been taken down by Jerusalem Online in response to a letter from Jews for Jesus’ lawyers.  Those representing Jews for Jesus pointed out that, “These days, when everyone in Israel and in the world are so upset and worried by acts of terror raging, saying that the Amutah [Jews for Jesus] and its members support Palestinian terror is a most dangerous statement.”  The letter went on to point out the untruthfulness of the content, the malicious nature of the article, its illegality and its slanderous intent.

Though two months have passed since the article’s initial publication online, Jews for Jesus director, Dan Sered, remarked on its recent removal:

“We are grateful that Jerusalem Online and its reporter, Rachel Avraham, have been properly notified that this kind of disregard for responsible journalism will not be tolerated. Our staff are loving and loyal citizens of Israel, honorably serving in the military, and they should not be the subject of hatred and mockery in the eyes of the Israeli public and the world through such shoddy journalism.”

Jews for Jesus is a global organization with branches in 12 countries and 25 cities.


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