Jews for Jesus Libeled in the Jerusalem Online


Contact:  Susan Perlman, Jews for Jesus
(415) 864-2600
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San Francisco, CA – February 21, 2016

Jews for Jesus missionaries are wrongly being charged with links to Arab terrorists according to a Jerusalem Online report. Father Gabriel Naddaf of Nazareth alleges that, by association, Jews for Jesus is in collusion with those who are anti-Zionist. He cites conversations with two Jews for Jesus staff members, both of whom have served as soldiers in the IDF and currently serve in the Israeli reserves.

Dan Sered, Israel director, was on an international platform with a staff member of one of these so-called terrorist sympathizers several years ago (in which they both spoke about reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians).

Says Sered,

“Does that make me suspect? This kind of inference is very dangerous and can lead to terrible misunderstandings. I wish the Jerusalem Online had called me before printing this.”

David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, responded by saying:

“These are flat out lies. No representatives of Jews for Jesus were ever interviewed for this so called news story. It is simply not true and I ought to know.”

The Jerusalem Online received complaints against its reporter, Rachel Avraham in the past when she ran a piece associating Women of the Wall with anti-Israel groups back in 2013. At that time, those whom she attacked called her tactics, “a McCarthy-esque crusade.”

The Jerusalem Online did not seek any comments from Jews for Jesus before publishing this article.