Laura Barron invited a few colleagues from the U.S. and Paris to join her for a burst of intensive outreach at our Toronto branch. She says, “Our boldly colored ‘We are Jews who are for Jesus’ banners captured all kinds of attention. Many drove by with big smiles and bold thumbs-up while others appeared infuriated by our statement. One young Israeli waved me over to ask about what we believed and wants to keep in touch.

“We also gave away free iced tea and used our interactive ‘what are you for’ board as conversation-starters. We hope you’ll join us in praying that God will continue speaking to the hearts of people who were willing to talk to us about Yeshua (Jesus).”
Karl deSouza, from our Paris team, says, “As we were giving out iced tea near a busy intersection, a lady asked about my T-shirt ‘be more Jewish...believe in Jesus.’ Leah, a Persian Jew with a Catholic father and Jewish mother, was surprised to hear that I have a similar background.  She believes in God, practiced Judaism and attended synagogue for awhile—but not so much anymore. She left me her contact info to learn more about Yeshua.

“A Christian whose Jewish fiancée sometimes attends church with him introduced himself to me. He said that his fiancée is open to talking about Jesus, and left his contact info. Our Toronto branch is looking forward to being in touch with them!

“Aadab, a Muslim woman from Iran, told me she’d had a dream about Jesus.  When I asked her ‘What did He say to you in the dream?’ she didn’t reply. She allowed me to share the gospel with her, then left her contact information saying that she was open to meeting Iranian Christians who had similar dream experiences about Jesus. Please pray for Aadab.”

Laura adds, “It was a rainy week, so we also spent time at indoor malls in Jewish neighborhoods. Our shirts (like the banners) turned a lot of heads as we ate, talked and walked through the malls, engaging in conversations along the way. One day before leaving the mall we asked guest services to page our team members to meet us at a parking lot entrance.

“Four times over the loudspeaker, the entire mall heard, ‘Would the Jews for Jesus group please meet at entrance 5?’ If people hadn’t noticed us before, they certainly knew about Jews for Jesus by the time we left!”