*Behold Your God.

Behold Your God is our plan to reach every city outside of Israel where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people. (We also have an outreach in Israel.)

September is a BIG, BYG month, with campaigns in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Montreal.

Pittsburgh is home to over 50,000 Jewish people. We’ll be distributing tracts, ministering on college campuses and in churches, and publicizing through newspapers, radio and billboards. Campaign leader Garrett Smith was encouraged by his wife Nici’s experience in Pittsburgh last spring: Six unsaved Jewish people came to a church to hear her talk about Christ in the Passover,” drawn through a combination of Christian friends and newspaper publicity. Garrett hopes we’ll have similar results as we bring Stan Telchin to share his story in a number of churches, as well as facilitate a debate between a Jewish believer in Jesus who excels in apologetics and a well known countermissionary. Please pray that Christians will be bold in inviting their Jewish friends to attend these events, and that many hearts will be touched.

Last May, leaders of the Jewish community began to contact antimissionaries and local Christian clergy to try to undermine the upcoming outreach. But God used that opposition for good as it gave Garrett the opportunity to interact directly with many of the Jewish community leaders. May God continue to open up doors in Pittsburgh to reach deep into the community with the Good News.

The Jewish population in the greater Philadelphia area numbers about 250,000, with Russian Jews making up 50,000. Northeast Philadelphia has historically been home to the majority of the city’s Jewish population. College campuses have some outreach potential, particularly Penn, where 30% (6,000) of the 20,000 students are Jewish. Besides handing out our traditional “broadside” tracts, we plan to do outdoor Jewish gospel music.

A Jewish believer named Jake Rosen is planning on bringing his art murals illustrating passages out of Isaiah. It is our hope and prayer to show his work at a venue where Jewish people will feel comfortable viewing the art and discussing the meaning of these passages. We are planning to show the Russian version of “Survivor Stories” as well as the English version of “Forbidden Peace.”

Last but certainly not least:

The Jewish population of Montreal is approximately 100,000, and the people are more religious than many Jewish communities in North America. Many Holocaust survivors reside in Montreal and a third or more of the Jewish population are Frenchspeaking Sephardi Jews, originally from Morocco.

Montreal is a very diverse city and cultural center, located in the province of Quebec. The first language in Montreal is French, but a large proportion of people are bilingual, while some speak only English. Montreal has been referred to as “the most unreached city in North America.” (This refers to the city as a whole, not just the Jewish population.) Hedonism, relativism and secularism are rampant. Montreal is indeed a city that needs the gospel!

We will hand out our broadsides in the downtown area, which is not only the main cultural and business center of the city, but also the home of two big universities, McGill and Concordia. In Montreal we have seen that people often feel comfortable in expressing their own opinions in the security of their home, so we will be phoning and door-to-door canvassing. We also plan to have events of interest such as a debate between an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and a Messianic Jewish scholar, as well as story evenings and film showings.

And something we have been dreaming of for quite a while will be happening in conjunction with this campaign: THE OPENING OF A JEWS FOR JESUS BRANCH IN MONTREAL! Extra prayer for Karl deSouza and his family would be much appreciated. Karl will be leading the branch, and we hope that through the campaign, friendships with many Christians and contact with many Jewish seekers will get him off to a running start.


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