September is a busy month as we continue reaching our Behold Your God cities where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people. While we are midway through our Boston campaign, this month we are also campaigning in the cities of St. Louis, Missouri (led by Bruce Rapp and Alan Bond), Toulouse, France (led by Stephen Pacht and Joshua Turnil) and Mexico City, Mexico (led by Marcello Araujo and Sergio Danon).

The St. Louis campaign is really a bi-state outreach as many commuters travel between Missouri and Illinois, and we also hope to reach college campuses on both sides of the state line. We are grateful for the cooperation of local ministries such as Apple of His Eye, the Midwest Messianic Center and Clayton Community Church as we reach out together to the 53,000 Jewish people in the St. Louis area.

Toulouse, home to 25,000 Jewish people, is known as the Pink City because many of its buildings are made of pink stone or brick. It’s reputed to be a very beautiful city and very hot. It is a center for the aeronautical industry, and is home to three university campuses and a large engineering center, so we hope to reach many students. We’ve been led to expect a great deal of opposition from both the Jewish and Muslim communities. Emotions are running high there as synagogues have recently been destroyed. Pray that the churches will be supportive in this difficult spiritual/political climate.

Mexico City has an official Jewish population of 40,000 from the census, but we are told there are some 160,000 more who have not registered as Jews. The Jewish community there is somewhat isolated (with two Orthodox synagogues, six Conservative, four Sephardic) and, from what we hear, the synagogues don’t really see eye to eye with each other. Again, we’ve been warned we will face stiff opposition there and we particularly need prayer for freedom of speech, since Mexico does not have the same degree of religious freedom as we enjoy in the U.S.


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