This is garbage! Let me have one.” That was my introduction to Nettie.

“Why would you want to read something you consider garbage?” I asked.

She responded by saying that she thought our tracts were always worth a chuckle. She continued on her way, and I continued handing out my broadsides.

About 20 minutes later, Nettie returned. This time she stopped and explained that my believing in Jesus made her angry. She talked about the horrible things going on in the world and said that she felt what I was doing was a waste of time.

It turned out that Nettie was a lawyer. I challenged her with the need to separate our emotions and our learned prejudices from fact. I asked her if a person accused of a crime could be convicted without being given a chance to defend himself or herself. She admitted that would not be the case. I then told her that I felt she was judging Jesus based on what some misdirected people had done to the Jewish people in his name and upon what she had been told about him. Nettie saw my point and consented to look into the subject further. She agreed to receive some literature which she was willing to read and respond to.

Unfortunately, Nettie is not an isolated case. Many of my Jewish people reject Jesus, not because they know the Bible and think that the Scriptures do not teach that Jesus is the Messiah, but because of what they have learned from hearsay and tradition. Jesus has not always been represented to my people in a way that would endear him to them. So many things have been done to them in the name of Jesus that they don’t even want to look into his story. We need to present Jesus for who he himself claimed to be.

We need to pray that more of my people would be willing to go beyond the emotional obstacles and try to consider what Jesus himself said. We have a very important responsibility, and that is to proclaim the gospel in truth and reflect him in truth.


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