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It takes some courage to stand out on the street corner to proclaim the gospel. But there is another kind of courage that enables people to sit at a desk day to day, making sure the bills are paid, and keeping us in communication with friends like you, as well as with Jewish seekers who are willing to hear from us. This month we thought we’d introduce you to three of the folks who help keep our ship afloat: they are department heads for DRUM (our data entry department) Finance and Information Technology (IT).

Leading our Information Technology (IT) Department

Hi, I’m Toby Weiss. I have been with Jews for Jesus since September 2006. Previously I was working in the United Kingdom as a Senior Programmer and Consultant for a small start-up in Oxford.

Our department is responsible for technology infrastructure—providing the tools for our Missionaries and Administrative staff to manage their work. At the heart of this infrastructure is our main database, used to keep track of our interactions with every Jewish person, donor and church with whom we have a relationship.I take satisfaction in serving the Lord by providing the tools to enable our staff to be effective in their work and in their communications.

On a personal note: I am a Jewish believer in Jesus and I met my wife when I was participating on a Jews for Jesus campaign in London in 2003 and she was an intern who’d come all the way from San Francisco to serve with our branch. We married in 2008 and praise God for the opportunity to glorify him together!

Leading our DRUM (data entry) department

I’m Don Walker. I’ve been with Jews for Jesus since 1985, a year after becoming a Christian. Before my move to San Francisco (from St. Louis), I was a junior accountant at ITT Financial Corporation.

Our department’s mission statement is that we exist to process all mail in a timely and efficient manner, while keeping in mind that there is a real person behind every document posted.

I consider everything I do at Jews for Jesus to be service to the Lord in some capacity. Every donation I deal with is sacred because it’s given for the work of the Lord. Even though I’m rarely out on the front-lines myself (i.e. out on the street handing out broadsides), I know I play a part in expanding God’s Kingdom through the behind-the-scenes missionary support work I do. And it’s not just me, but everyone I supervise; we are part of a total team effort of reaching the lost for Yeshua.

On a personal note: I play drums, which may be why my wife Marty (who I met here at the home office) came up with the acronym Donor Records Update and Maintainance, changing the name of our department from Communications to DRUM.

Leading our finance department

Hi, I’m David Strull. I’ve been with Jews for Jesus for a little over two years (Aug. 6 2009), but my dad was a missionary with the ministry back in the 80’s and as a Jewish believer I’ve been familiar with Jews for Jesus most of my life. I was working as a substitute teacher in a northwest suburb of Chicago prior to joining Jews for Jesus.

The finance department processes all incoming mail, accounts payables (bills), payroll and various other accounting and finance functions.

To some it may sound like just crunching numbers, but I find satisfaction in serving the Lord by using the skills and gifting He’s given me for His glory. I can serve Him, not only in being diligent with the tasks before me, but through my attitude, relationships and work ethic. I feel that all of these things contribute to the overall work of Jews For Jesus.

On a personal note: I taught English in China after college.


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