The Paris Behold Your God campaign is going on now!

A striking aspect of the Jewish community in Paris is that it is 70% Sephardic as opposed to Ashkenazic. Ashkenazi Jews are mainly from Eastern Europe whereas Sephardim are mainly from Spanish speaking or Middle Eastern countries, as well as the North African Coast. The majority of the Sephardim in Paris have been arriving from the North African Coast and the Middle East since the 1960s.

Sephardic Jews have had Muslim neighbors for the last few hundred years. If Muslims living in the East are considered part of the 1040 window” what about Jews, virtually unreached and cut off from mainstream missionary work, who also live in these countries? Are you seeing the unique opportunity presented by our Behold Your God campaigns in France? Another fact about Paris Jewry is that well over 50% of Jews there consider themselves “traditional” (meaning somewhat Orthodox or observant). Also, over 80% of the Jewish people there have family or close friends living in Israel, or are themselves Israeli.

Please pray that God will open all the right doors for us to make the gospel as public as possible in Paris this month. Pray for media opportunities: interviews on radio and possibly TV. We are also doing more to publicize our revamped web site, and we hope by the time you receive this, we’ll have been able to bring together a cyber team who will welcome and witness in French to people who prefer the anonymity of the Internet. Pray also that God will use the Israeli campaigners who are coming to join us, and that there will be no problems with visas.

Finally, October is not only a good time to reach Parisians, but also the many students who come from all over the world to study in some of the most famous French universities. Pray the Lord will help us to reach all those Jews and Gentiles He is calling.

Note: Dallas Behold Your God also begins October 11; please see your enclosed prayer bookmark.


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