This story from one of our supporters blessed us so much that we wanted to share it with you:

“I am writing on behalf of my father, Metodi Ivanov. My father was born in Bulgaria, and after World War II he and his friends escaped from their communist countries and immigrated to Canada. One day his friend took him into a general store which was owned by a Jewish man. The store owner sold them winter coats, but neither my dad nor his friend had money. So the store owner wrote them as having an account, which my dad’s friend said he would repay. After they left the store my dad questioned his friend, who stated that he had no intention to pay for the coats. They laughed at the Jewish man’s trustful giving of coats to poor immigrants. I believe the [store owner] gave them the coats knowing they might not repay. What they as young men took as gullibility I see as great kindness.

“My dad is now 87 and would like to ‘repay’ this kind Jew for his coat. He asked me to find a Jewish organization to donate $50 for his coat. As Christians, I believe there is no better way to repay the kindness than to support an organization that seeks to bring eternal life to God’s chosen people. Thank you for your ministries. The donation is sent with gratitude and prayers for the salvation of souls.

Karen Talbott”

[Editor: How cool is that?!]


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