This month we are saying to the city of Spo Paulo, Behold Your God!”

Sergio Danon, who heads up our work in Brazil, is leading the campaign and Oded Cohen, from our Boston branch, is assisting him.

There are between 80,000-100,000 Jewish people in the bustling city of Spo Paulo, Brazil. It is a business-oriented city and boasts some of the best restaurants in Brazil, as well as some of the nicest shopping malls. There is a huge subway system, though we are not allowed to hand out our broadsides inside the stations. Traffic jams abound.

The Jewish community in Spo Paulo is more religious than in Rio de Janeiro, at least on the surface. A recent study indicated that while most of the Jewish population there are Orthodox by affiliation, 80% do not go to synagogue.


  • We are already facing organized opposition in Spo Paulo.
  • The mayor of the city is not fond of Christians.
  • The police can create problems.


  • We got a very good price on twelve billboards to advertise the showing of the Survivor Stories video.
  • There is plenty of foot traffic, making it a great place to hand out tracts.
  • We look forward to reaching students at the University of Spo Paulo (USP).

Your prayers will make a difference! Please see the inserted Behold Your God bookmark to remind you to pray for Spo Paulo.


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