Behold Your God is our five-year plan, God willing, to reach all the cities outside of Israel where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people.

There are no Behold Your God campaigns going on in November, but as we prepared this newsletter in August we had four campaigns going on. We had a brief report on our Seattle campaign with some photo links in Jews for Jesus Real Time (see page 3) and our Rio de Janeiro and Toronto campaigns were just getting underway. However, we had lots of reports and photos coming in from our Cleveland campaigners and wanted to share some with you.

In Cleveland

Training began with the big East Coast black-out, but Cleveland campaigners had two weeks of shining Yeshua’s light. As a result, they handed out 75,260 broadsides and got names and addresses of 52 unbelieving Jewish people and 31 unbelieving Gentiles who want to know more about Jesus. Eleven Jewish people prayed to receive the Lord, as did 46 Gentiles!

Connie reports, I was walking back from a sortie (tract-passing expedition) and stopped for a red light. I turned to a young man standing next to me and asked who he thought Jesus was. Within minutes, he prayed to receive the Lord!”

Miki (a Cleveland resident) reports, “I was feeling discouraged that no one at the Cleveland Indians game wanted to talk about Jesus. I prayed, and a minute or two later, a tall young man with a backpack came and stood right in front of me. He lifted up his sleeve to show a tattoo of a Star of David on his arm. He told me he was Jewish and I thought he was about to yell at me, but instead he told me that he had once gotten some literature from Jews for Jesus in San Francisco, and that he is now a Christian!”

Greg (Rosenberg) reports, “I was passing out broadsides during the lunch hour when a well-dressed woman walked straight up to me and stopped. I greeted her with a smile and a gospel tract, and asked her who she thought Jesus was. She replied that she had no idea. I shared the gospel with her and asked her if she was willing to step out in faith and ask Jesus to forgive her of her sins. She said, ‘Yes,’ we prayed and then Andria (not Jewish) smiled and said, ‘This was the best lunch ever!’ Please pray for Andria’s growth and protection.”

Greg (Savitt) reports, “We were eating at our favorite campaign restaurant, in Jews for Jesus T-shirts of course, and midway through the meal our waitress asked, ‘Can I ask you guys a question?’ Lillian was Jewish and told us she was ready to become a Christian. I believe she might have prayed to receive the Lord in the restaurant, but some of her other customers needed her attention. She did give us her contact information and after meeting with our missionaries at a later time, prayed to receive the Lord!”

Casey (who joined us from another Jewish mission, Light of Messiah Ministries) reports, “For most of the first week, each morning I encountered the same Orthodox Jewish lawyer. He faithfully wears his kippah (skullcap) each day. He could clearly see that I was with Jews for Jesus, and yet he still shyly approached me each day to accept a broadside. He never spoke to me, yet each morning I watched him read the tract, and keep it. May God continue to work in softening his heart!”

Finally, Jews for Jesus veteran missionary Elizabeth T. came to reach out to Cleveland’s Russian Jewish population. She prayed with quite a few people who repented and received Jesus, just going door-to-door in a Russian Jewish area. After she prayed with one woman, Olga, to receive the Lord, Elizabeth asked if there were other needs she could pray for. Olga said that her husband Boris was in the hospital with diabetes. Both legs had been amputated, he was blind and paralyzed in one arm. Elizabeth begged Olga to take her to him in the hospital and, thank God, Boris also prayed to receive Jesus.


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