Government Declares Evangelistic Campaign Illegal

Unfortunately, our opposition was able to parley with political forces in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, so that with one week left to go, the government declared the Campaign illegal. We had three good weeks of outreach on the streets, though the opposition was stiff. Campaigners handed out 378,708 tracts, prayed with 292 people to receive Jesus (96 were Jewish) and collected information from 1,758 people (533 were Jewish) who want to hear more about Jesus.

While we did not send our usual teams out to the streets during the final week of Campaign, some went out in pairs and many spent their time following up those who had expressed interest during the first three weeks.

Here are a few reports from campaigners to give you a sense of what the first three weeks were like in Dnepropetrovsk:

Sergei Ivanov reports, After training I was talking to my teammate Mira Gracheva, an experienced Jews for Jesus missionary. I asked her how to lead a Jewish person to repentance. She said, ‘I’ll show you; you stand near and listen.” The Almighty God didn’t delay to show His power, wonderfully answering our wishes. As soon as we began our second sortie (tract-passing expedition) on July 5, an elderly lady with a can approached us. She was Jewish and she prayed with Mira to repent after just several minutes. God was miraculously teaching me, saying, ‘Look and learn.’ Amen.”

Vlad Rekhovsky reports, “God began working in a very interesting way when some of the anti-missionaries showed up. I talked to one of them. Pavel is Jewish—about 28 years old. After talking about what we were doing and what he was doing, Pavel gave me his contact info in order to get to know more about Yeshua the Messiah. Please pray for his salvation.”

Mikhail Berchan reports, “We went to a market so that all who were hungry would be able to read the Word of God. Four Chassids came, tearing our broadsides, shouting lies, pushing me, etc. I began praying, ‘Lord, sow discord among those who abuse You, who hinder your anointed ones to bring your light, and who dishonor your holy name.’ The Lord made a miracle and caused the Chassids to quarrel so that they were unable to continue hindering me in an organized way. Both the vendors and shoppers rebelled against them, scolding them for pushing people and throwing literature on the ground. Eventually, they made the Chassids pick up what they’d thrown. Glory to God, who separated light from darkness.”

Many campaigners were shoved, punched, had their toes stepped on and had to be continually on guard to prevent the opposition from grabbing away their literature. But the most unfortunate aspect of the opposition was the pressure they were able to exert on the government. Please pray for wisdom as we decide how to respond, should we encounter similar opposition in future campaigns.


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