We’ve got a couple of challenging Behold Your God campaigns coming up and we need your prayers for both of them.

First, we’d like to tell you a little about plans for Kharkov. We are not publicizing dates for this campaign due to organized opposition; we do not want to make their job too easy! We can tell you that the campaign will be led by Kharkov branch leader Misha Vayshengolts, who will be assisted by Dima Orlovsky. The group will be handing out tracts, phoning people from the telephone directory, inviting people to view our Survivor Stories video and placing a poster in the Kharkov subway. They also hope to have a series of 15-minute TV programs where the gospel can be proclaimed, and if all goes well we can place evangelistic statements in two secular newspapers.

Would you please pray that we will have all the volunteers and resources needed, and that the Lord will help us to go forward despite governmental and other opposition?

We are also excited about the upcoming Paris campaign. You may recall that we decided to reschedule the campaign from last year because we felt it was important to have more campaigners than had been recruited. We want to be sure that we have a full-on effort for this campaign that is scheduled to take place this September 22-October 24. We will be giving more details at that time, but meanwhile, we do need your prayers on a couple of points. First, please pray that we will be able to recruit enough campaigners to saturate the city with the gospel.

The second request is concerning government opposition, not just to Jews for Jesus, but to any public religious endeavor. Perhaps you have heard about new legislation in Paris that is so prohibitive against religion that students are not even allowed to wear religious head coverings at school. It remains to be seen how this law will be enforced, but it has the potential for greatly damaging freedom of speech. Please pray that God will not allow the government to interfere with the preaching of the gospel.


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