Sorry we could not report on the last two BYG campaigns of 2003 as they were still in progress when we reported on the others. We did want to let you know how BYG 2003 ended.

Both the West Palm Beach and the Sydney campaigns ran for two weeks.

West Palm Beach

Thanks to our opposition, fifteen newspapers, five TV programs and two radio stations carried news of the campaign. This was particularly encouraging after the disappointment of having the Palm Beach Post reject our gospel ad. West Palm does not have much foot traffic, which means handing out fewer tracts. The total broadside” count was 18,193. One Jewish person prayed to receive the Lord (our Co-Laborer Mariella led Burt in the sinner’s prayer) and four Gentiles also prayed to receive Him. Fifty-nine Jewish people and 12 Gentiles who don’t believe gave their contact information for follow-up. The team made 2,651 phone calls and found 53 people willing to receive our literature as a result.

The team spent quite a bit of time attempting door-to-door visits; they knocked on 895 doors and found 352 people at home. Janie-sue Wertheim reports on this aspect of ministry:

“Door-to-door is one of the most exciting opportunities to share the gospel with Jewish people. It is also one of the most heartbreaking and draining, because you can knock on 50 doors, hear 30 people say ‘not interested’ and perhaps one or two people will talk with you about why you believe Yeshua is the Messiah.

“Nevertheless I went with my husband, Steve, and our door-to-door experience was one of the most incredible times of ministry that we’ve ever had together!

“We ended up going to an area that was 98% Jewish! Out of 58 attempts we talked with 30 people. Responses ranged from, ‘Jews for Jesus? I HATE Jews for Jesus!’ to people saying, ‘Tell me why you believe in this; I really want to understand,’ and all kinds of permutations in between. I think that this is a largely untapped opportunity for us. It is difficult, yes, and at times painful. Sometimes I felt like weeping because I desperately wanted these folks to understand Yeshua’s love for them. But someone has to break up the fallow ground and plant seeds of faith. I believe that God used us to do just that. We are willing to go where we aren’t wanted to bring Yeshua to our people, and we can only do this because we have people like you praying for us. Do please pray for Mr. K. who gave us a positive hearing, and also for Joseph, who went so far as to accept a copy of the New Testament from us.”


Sydney had more tract-passing opportunities and the team handed out 146,475 of our gospel broadsides. Forty-five unbelieving Jewish people and 66 Gentiles were willing to receive follow-up information about Jesus. One Jewish person and 16 Gentiles prayed to receive Him. Bob Mendelsohn reports,

“A Jewish woman, ‘J.’ gave her name and address to campaigner Rob Wertheim for follow-up. Rob noted her openness on the contact card and suggested that she be followed up immediately. I called her the next day and we met the day after. J.’s objections were principally sociological. We read Scriptures, I explained the process of becoming a believer and when I asked if there was any reason why she would not want to accept Jesus right then, J. thought for a moment said, ‘No.’ I had the privilege of leading this Jewish 49-year-old to her Messiah. “To my surprise when I rang J. the next day, her 25-year-old daughter answered the phone and told me she was also keen to get together and discuss Jesus. Praise God!”

Please pray for the ongoing follow-up from the 2003 campaigns, as well as the planning for those taking place in 2004.


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