In last month’s newsletter we mentioned two BYG campaigns that were still in progress at the time we had to send our publication to print: Uzbekistan and Los Angeles.

We cannot give many details regarding Uzbekistan because evangelism is forbidden in that country and Christians there share their faith at considerable risk. We can tell you that when the two-week campaign concluded, there had been 403 phone conversations, 508 personal evangelistic visits, 152 Jewish people who prayed to receive the Lord, and 37 Gentiles who prayed to receive the Lord. Please pray for God to bless these new believers and the courageous believers who disciple them.

Now, here are a few stories from the Los Angeles campaign:

Don Fulton reports, We were handing out tracts on the pier of Venice Beach when we came upon Maleki. He had been fishing and was leaving with his catch for the day. I asked him some basic questions and learned that he was Muslim. I began to share the gospel with him and then asked if what I said made sense. He said, ‘Yes.’ I asked if he would like to receive Jesus into his heart and have forgiveness of his sins and he said, ‘Yes.’ I led him in the sinner’s prayer, gave him a copy of the Gospel of John and a BIG HUG.”

Mal Monroe reports, “When we were in Santa Monica I saw three gang busters coming down the street, one of them with a marijuana leaf on his hat. I kind of swaggered up to these guys and said, ‘Hey, God loves you!’ ‘Oh, I know, man!’ the biggest guy replied as he took the tract. Anybody and everybody could have heard this kid as he read the whole tract to his buddies. Afterward he said, ‘I became a Christian when I was eight. I went into a church and a man called me down with my friends, put his hand on my head and I passed out like the rest of them.’ And right then God gave me the words to say to him: ‘But it wasn’t real was it?’ And he said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Would you like to pray to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Do you understand the message?’ He said, ‘Yes, I do.’ His two buddies said, ‘Uh-oh’ and walked on without him, but he stayed and prayed and his whole demeanor changed. Please pray that the gospel will really take root and transform this young man.”

Elizabeth T. (who serves in our New York branch) reports, “A coworker gave me the phone number of a Russian Jewish couple but warned me, ‘I have tried to meet with them but they always tell me they are not interested in Jesus.’ I called and the husband, Boris, said, ‘Oh, it is all right, come.’ So Viktor Moiseyenko (who serves in our San Francisco branch) and I drove to the visit. Boris started to tell us that we were wasting our time and began raising his objections.

“Viktor and I witnessed, and it turned out that he and Boris were born in neighboring cities in Russia. I saw I needed to leave the two of them alone so I asked the wife, Zina, if we could go elsewhere. So Zina and I continued our discussion in the kitchen. She said, ‘Sure I know I am a sinner; I have done a lot of terrible things.’ So I said, ‘It’s good you understand that you are a sinner, but have you been freed from your sins? To be forgiven you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Messiah. Jesus will come into your life if you want Him. If you don’t, He will never push you but you will walk in darkness with your sin.’ And she prayed with me to receive the Lord.

“Meanwhile, in the other room, Viktor prayed with Boris to receive the Lord as well! Please pray for the spiritual growth of this couple.”

The Los Angeles campaign ended with a total of 194,445 broadsides distributed, 94 Jewish seekers and 56 Gentile seekers who are willing to receive further information, and 18 Jews and 53 Gentiles who prayed to receive the Lord!


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