Meet Doyle and Carolyn Enloe, who are spearheading a ground-breaking strategic plan for BYG!

Doyle and Carolyn come straight from International Crusades, where they led a preparation team for Partnership Evangelism. Their experience and enthusiasm are adding a new, much needed dimension to our outreach. We knew from the beginning that we couldn’t do Operation Behold Your God alone. Our little staff could never hope to reach over 60 cities in five years.

The Enloes introduced us to Operation Andrew,” a great idea coined by Billy Graham. Through Operation Andrew, churches in various areas have linked together as partners in evangelism. This program mobilizes and energizes the community of God—worldwide—to pray for the lost, and to take a step of faith in introducing their unsaved friends to Christ. The foundation of prayer—as well as the relationships this program fosters—opens doors for personal witnessing encounters.

It’s a great strategy, but we need more than a strategy. We need dedicated, enthusiastic, called friends to partner with us in every BYG city. Not only that, but we need to find church friends from just about anyplace who would like to travel to one or more of our Behold Your God cities.

You see, a host church in each BYG city will invite other churches to come and reach the Jewish people in that host church’s community. It’s much like the Macedonian call in Acts 16. Church members who accept the challenge to come to the “Macedonian church” will travel there at their own expense (which, for those in the U.S. will be a tax-deductible expense). Jews for Jesus will provide training at these host churches over the course of several evenings. That training will cover evangelistic techniques as well as follow-up. Host churches will bathe their city in prayer prior to the outreach, extend hospitality and encourage some of their members to join us for direct evangelism.

We will bring some staff and volunteers to the evangelistic campaigns in our BYG cities. Yet we are hoping and praying for a strong core of church volunteers to carry on the outreach. The host church will receive training to do evangelism as well as follow-up, so the end of the campaign in their city will not be the end of the story. Volunteers who came from partnering churches will (we hope) return to their home congregations well-trained and full of enthusiasm to help their own churches do local evangelism.

We need partners to reach the goal of Behold Your God. At the same time, we want to involve churches throughout the world so they can share a vision that will help them reach all kinds of unsaved people in their own backyards for Christ. Again, this means finding host churches in each BYG city, as well as partnering churches in other communities who are willing to help.

Won’t you pray with us, that God will give us wisdom and will speak to those churches whose involvement can make this a reality? Pray especially for Doyle and Carolyn Enloe as they work hard to forge these crucial relationships.

Please check the enclosed brochure for the BYG city nearest you. If you think your church might be interested, either in being a host church (applies only if you are in a BYG city) or a partnering church to send volunteers to a BYG city (applies no matter where you are), please fill out and return the coupon from the enclosed flyer and we will contact you to learn more about your church. Or you can provide the information on a separate paper (i.e., the name of your church, your pastor, the church address and phone number, as well as your role in the church) and enclose it with the coupon.


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