Whether we are traveling far away from home as Greg Savitt was or speaking at a church near one of our branches, we always appreciate the way you welcome us into your churches. Not only do these visits enable us to make the new friends we need in order to be able to continue in ministry, but they often provide great evangelistic opportunities.

From Greg Savitt:

One of the joys of going on a Christ in the Passover” tour is discovering unsaved Jewish people whom we would never meet in our branches. So when Pastor Outland called from Newport, North Carolina and asked if I could arrive at his church early to speak to a Jewish woman, I was excited.

Janeen had been attending this church for a few months. She loved the care these committed Christians had extended to her, but she had questions about Jesus. Many people throw up questions as roadblocks, but Janeen was willing to examine the claims of Jesus honestly and critically.

I would like to say that I answered all of Janeen’s questions with apologetic expertise, and led her in a prayer of repentance and faith. The truth is, I told her my own story and answered her questions as best I could. After the meeting I gave her my card and asked her to call or email me if she had any further questions. Four months later I received the following note:

“My name is Janeen and I live in North Carolina; you took the time to speak to me about Jews for Jesus. I’m sending this note to say Thank You and to tell you I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior a few weeks ago. It is the most wonderful feeling to have Jesus living in my heart. Again, Thank You.”

I called Pastor Outland the following week. He described Janeen’s enthusiasm as she made her way to the altar to confess publicly her faith in Jesus. He said this whole experience brought the church together in a more fervent desire to share the gospel with others.

As the Bible says, some sow, others reap (John 4:37). I am glad that Pastor Outland had the chance to do both, and that he included me in the sowing. It’s not that we Jews are any better at explaining the gospel than anyone else. Sometimes it just helps Jewish seekers to know that others have found satisfactory answers to their objections. Partnering with churches in this way is truly satisfying, and encourages us all.

From Avi Snyder:

Some time ago, a rabbi wrote an editorial to protest The Liberated Wailing Wall’s appearance at a local church. Such letters are usually meant to intimidate or shame the pastor into canceling the presentation. A few succumb to the pressure, but most pastors rise to the occasion and grow even stronger in their solidarity with us. Pastor Shearer was one who rose to the occasion. As a result of the rabbi’s protest and the pastor’s courage to keep the meeting as scheduled, a number of unsaved spectators and curiosity seekers attended, including a reporter from the local paper. After the presentation Karen, the reporter, called the pastor for an interview. She explained that she wanted to speak with him, as well as with the rabbi, to see what the hubbub had been about. Pastor Shearer told her that he would be delighted to meet with her. But at the time, he didn’t know how delighted he’d be. You see, during the course of the interview, Karen came to faith in Christ!

From David Mishkin:

I spoke at Grace Baptist Church, just north of New York City, where our founder, Moishe Rosen was a member about three decades ago. After the service a woman introduced me to Keith, an 80-yearold Sephardic Jewish man from Jamaica (West Indies—not New York!). Keith told me he had been praying to Jesus for years, but when I questioned him concerning the gospel he didn’t seem to understand. Upon hearing what it means to be born again, he readily accepted the opportunity to do so!


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