I was in the Times Square subway station handing out our gospel pamphlets when I noticed two girls standing about a hundred feet away. They seemed to be hiding behind a kiosk, trying to be inconspicuous while intently watching us in the Jews for Jesus T-shirts. I was curious, so I walked in their general direction, casually handing out my tracts. I noticed that they were discussing one of our broadsides.

Soon they came to introduce themselves to me. Amanda and Ann were college students on a class project to study subway life.” They had agreed that I was an interesting “life form.” I agreed to help with their assignment, which was to observe and interview people. They asked me about Jews for Jesus, what we believe and why we hand out pamphlets in the subway. I explained that we were there to reach people with the message that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. That’s when Ann pointed to Amanda and said, “She’s Jewish!”

So I made a suggestion.

Instead of explaining what I do and how I talk to people, why not demonstrate? That sounded good to them, so I spoke to Amanda while Ann took notes. It turns out Amanda had Christian friends who had taken her to church. She had also been reading a Bible they gave her and was beginning to think that Jesus might possibly be the answer to her questions about life’s meaning. She was excited when I offered to send her more information about being Jewish and believing in Jesus, and she gladly gave me her address and phone number to hear more. Then she turned to her friend and exclaimed, “That was fun!”

So many Amandas are out there seeking answers. They are not just college students, but students of life. Standing out in public to hand out pamphlets is not the easiest thing to do. But we will keep on doing it, making ourselves available and waiting for God to do the rest.


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