Behold Your God Marseilles!

Marseilles is the second largest city in France with one million people nestled around the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to some 70,000 Jewish people—roughly 8% of the population. And of course many of the tourists who flock to the beaches and other attractions are also Jewish. What you may not know about Marseilles is that with its huge immigrant population, 30% of the residents are Arabs. We are grateful that our team of missionaries and volunteers includes some formerly- Muslim Christians who will work with us side-by-side to tell people about Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

We are also looking forward to showing the French version of our documentary Forbidden Peace, true stories of Israelis and Palestinians who are finding peace with one another by finding peace with God through the Messiah Jesus. God willing, it will be screened in churches in both Jewish and Arab areas. One pastor is trying to host the film in a public open-air cinema. Please pray for us to be able to show the film at this and other public venues.

Of course we will also be handing out our broadside tracts and engaging as many people as we can in conversations about Jesus.

For more details about the campaign and how you can pray, please see the enclosed prayer bookmark.


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