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I was out studying the Bible with one of our new Jewish believers when Dayle called our office. Is there a Jewish woman there who can tell me why she thinks Jesus is the Messiah?” Gillian, one of the two administrative workers who hold down the fort when we missionaries are out in the field, promptly arranged a phone appointment for me to call her the following morning. I was excited to receive the message. I prayed several times that night and eagerly anticipated morning.

The next morning Dayle and I talked on the phone for forty five minutes. I asked how she happened to call Jews for Jesus and was delighted with her reply: “I don’t get downtown very often but one year I went to look at the Christmas lights and someone gave me one of your pamphlets.” She’d held onto that pamphlet, and when the time was right, she called.

After our lengthy phone conversation, we each figured the other was sincere so we set an appointment to study the Bible in Dayle’s home. She was surprised that I was willing to drive some 25 miles “just” to spend forty five minutes reading the Bible with her. I explained that many people prayerfully and financially support Jews for Jesus so that people like me can do just that!

I met with Dayle each week over the course of the following month and a half. I had one more week to see her before I was scheduled to be out of town for three weeks. (Being a missionary does mean one who is sent out!) I knew that the Lord was working in her heart at His pace but I hoped Dayle would pray to receive His gift of salvation with me before my trip—and she did! She still has lots of questions, deep theological ones like “How could God die?” and “What is the meaning of Son of God and Son of Man?” Please pray for Dayle’s growth in Jesus, and that she would also see her children come to faith.


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Lyn Bond | San Francisco


Lyn Bond is a senior missionary at the San Francisco branch of Jews for Jesus. Lyn has a master's degree in Missiology with an emphasis in Jewish Studies from Fuller School of World Mission. She is the daughter of the ministry’s founder, Moishe Rosen. Lyn worked at the Chicago branch work for many years alongside her husband, Alan. They have two adult children: Asher and Bethany.

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