For about a year, we’ve been asking you to send us the names of your Jewish friends who don’t (yet) know the Lord. Every other month we send these friends Issues our evangelistic publication. In March we offered them the Christ in the Passover book. Praise God! Even before the final results were tallied, 200 people wrote in and asked for a copy of this book.

All of our missionaries have noticed that more Jewish people are coming to hear us speak when we’re in churches. If the Jews for Jesus are going to be in your area, why don’t you invite a Jewish friend?

Here at Jews for Jesus headquarters, we’ve noticed that more and more Jewish people are writing to us. Many of these are new Jewish Christians; others are people who are searching. We thought you’d enjoy some of these letters and would pray with us.

Dear Jews for Jesus:

A friend I work with has interested me in his evangelical church and I’ve been attending since October. All my questions and seeking Jesus are now coming to a head…Perhaps soon, I will fully feel my commitment to the Lord.

I’ve heard many times in the recent months about Jews for Jesus. People in my church have met some, but I, who really have a longing to meet some of you, can’t seem to. Being Jewish, I want so very much to talk with you people!! I’m hoping sometime soon I will meet some of you in person.

If you can connect me with some Jews for Jesus in my area, I would certainly appreciate it. Or if there is any information you can supply me with, I hope you will take the time to do so. Thank you!

Dear Jews for Jesus,

…I came to Christ about four years ago. My parents are Jews who do not understand how a Jew can believe in Christ. I am looking forward to seeing more Jews for Jesus..

Dear Jews for Jesus,

Please tell me about Jesus being the Messiah. I have asked God many times to point out His Son…

Dear Jews for Jesus,

As a Jew, before accepting Christ, I was not really a religious Jew, because I was a curious kind of girl. I was always trying to find something better…I did, I found Jesus!!


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